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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

by Pure RealtyNovember 25, 2020

Black Friday is the day after tomorrow, which means you’ll have some gifts to wrap (if you haven’t already finished, thanks to Amazon Prime Days). This year, it’s definitely worth getting as personal as possible, and one way you can do that is by putting a little something creative under the tree.

Here are a few unique gift wrapping ideas!


Go to the local convenience store or newspaper outlet, buy a bunch of papers, and get to wrapping! This also helps support your local journalists. Make sure to recycle after Christmas Day!

Splatter Paint

Wrap your presents in tan paper and splatter white paint on it for a frosty effect. If you want to get more festive, you can wrap the presents in all white paper and splatter gold on them. Just maybe don’t do red…

Fabric or Burlap

A very eco-friendly way to wrap presents would be to use festive fabric or rustic burlap. Top it off with a big bow, and you’ll have wrapping “paper” for years to come!

Decorative Shoe Boxes

If you happen to have bought shoes as gifts, or just have some shoes still in their original box from any previous purchase, you can get creative with the boxes by painting them, adding glitter, and more! This gives you a chance to both do something unique as well as eco-conscious. Reusing the shoe boxes gives the cardboard a second chance, while you avoid using single-purpose wrapping paper.

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