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Fall & Winter 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist

by Pure RealtyNovember 04, 2020

Winter is (almost) upon us and so is the time for your next quarterly home maintenance checkup! Having a list of seasonal home maintenance tasks can help keep your home in great shape all year round and protect you from potential mishaps. Here are a few simple projects to put on your todo list for the end of the year!

  1. Check sinks & toilets for leaks
  2. Clean your refrigerator coils
  3. Inspect washing machine, dish washer, and ice maker hoses for leaks
  4. Clean dryer vent
  5. Test GFCI electrical outlets in kitchen and bathrooms
  6. Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter
  7. Test sump pump
  8. Change air filters
  9. Replace flashlight batteries

There it is! It’s always good to stay on top of these home maintenance tasks for good peace of mind!

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