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5 Ways to Reuse Your Pumpkins After Halloween

by Pure RealtySeptember 30, 2020

As we transition into October, the fall and Halloween decorations are going to be out in full force.

When spooky season is over, however, we’ll have to do something with those perfectly good pumpkins, right?

Here are five ways you can reuse your Halloween pumpkins:

(1) Spray paint them gold for Thanksgiving.

If your pumpkins on the porch haven’t been carved into, all you have to do is take some gold spray paint to the outside of the pumpkin. Add a burlap bow on top, and it’s perfect for Thanksgiving!

(2) Turn them into a pot for fall plants.

If you carved into the pumpkin, turn the face around and line the inside with drop cloth. Then you can add your potting soil and plants. If it’s not already carved out, just cut the top off, clean it out, and add the drop cloth.

(3) Eat them!

If your pumpkins are still whole– or if they’re carved and not moldy– you can bake the outer rind of the pumpkin to soften it, then blend it up to make puree. You can then use the puree to bake pies or make soups! You can also toast the seeds, if you have them, to make a fall-flavored snack!

(4) Do a fall spa.

You can use the pumpkin puree to create a facial mask by adding egg, honey, and apple cider vinegar. Draw a bath, light a pumpkin spice candle, pour a glass of cider, and treat your skin to some fall goodness.

(5) Compost.

If you don’t want to mess with them, no worries! A great option for putting your pumpkins to good use is composting them. Giving them back to the dirt will help other plants grow strong and healthy!

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