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Pantry Organizing Hacks

by Pure RealtySeptember 23, 2020

We have just begun tailgating season, and the holiday cooking season is just around the corner. We are in our kitchens a lot more at this time of year, so it’s important to keep everything clean and in tip-top shape. Here are a couple of tips to make sure you stay organized this fall.

(1) Use Pants Hangers to Close and Organize Bags of Chips

Those plastic hangers with clips are made to hang your pants, but they can be great for closing bags of chips and freeing up shelf space!

(2) Use an Over-The-Door Shoe Hanger to Organize Snacks

Have a pouch for fruit snacks, another for nuts, and another for pretzels… It keeps your snacks organized, and removing (recycling!) the cardboard boxes frees up more space on the shelf.

(3) Install Lazy Susans for Spices

If you’re looking for the paprika, give your spice rack a spin. Looking for cayenne? Spin it the other way.

(4) Get Bins, Crates, and Boxes from the Dollar Store to Organize Your Food

Bonus: Put the Healthy Foods Box at Eye-Level

Go to the dollar store and pick out a consistent style of buckets or baskets to categorize and store snacks. Then, when you organize them in the pantry, put the healthier snacks at eye-level. Chances are you will be more inclined to grab the apple sauce if you see it before the Chips Ahoy!

Jars are also a really stylish way to organize smaller bulk items like sugar, pasta, and whole spices like vanilla beans.

(5) Put Small Appliances on Rolling Plant Stands

If you have a crock pot, pressure cooker, toaster, waffle maker, and espresso machine, you need to be able to store all these appliances efficiently. Put them on rolling plant stands to easily slide them out from underneath the pantry shelves.

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