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4 Do-It-Yourself Fall Decor Projects

by Pure RealtySeptember 09, 2020

With this early cold front, it’s safe to say fall is pretty much here in Austin, Texas. To help get you in the spirit, here are four do-it-yourself home decor projects.

Goblet or Wine Glass Centerpiece

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Find some dollar store wine glasses, goblets, or jars and fill them with your choice of fall decor. Choose from leaves, hay, acorns, sticks, foliage, etc. You could also paint them fall colors and skip the filling part.

Then, flip them upside down! Use the bottom of the glass as a candle holder.

By BFLCreativeDesigns | Etsy

Cotton Wreath

Texas grows almost half of the United States’ cotton, and right now, we are in the peak of the fall cotton harvest. All you need to make this wreath are a wire wreath and bolls of cotton. Best case scenario, you or someone you know has a cotton field where you can go pick it yourself!

Photo from Antique Farm House

Mason Jar Ring Porch Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the ultimate fall decoration, but not everyone loves having real ones on the porch. A great option is to create pumpkins out of the rings of mason jars. Coat the rings with a protective enamel spray paint (to prevent rust) in a variety of pumpkin colors. Set them up in a circle, and secure them in the center with wire. Then insert some fall foliage in the top to complete the pumpkin look. Now you have rustic pumpkins that will last you into the seasons to come!

From Redwood Home | Etsy

Laundry Basket Harvest: 2 Ways to Transform a Laundry Basket

A few weeks ago, we shared a few dollar store home decor hacks, including how to create a farmhouse basket out of laundry basket. Well, we wanted to bring that back for fall! Fill your basket with your fall blankets and pillows to add an extra element of coziness.

Photo from Our Crafty Mom

Another fun option is to wrap jute all the way around the laundry basket (or even a cheap trashcan!), hot gluing as you go. Then you can fill the basket with fall flora, like you just brought home the harvest!

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