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Thrifting in Austin

by Pure RealtyAugust 12, 2020

How often have you found yourself wanting to redecorate your house or upgrade your wardrobe, but you just don’t want to spend the money? We’ve all been there, fellow Austinites.

Check out this list of thrift stores and markets here in the area that your home, closet, and wallet will love!

Note: Please make sure to check in with each place of business to confirm hours and guidelines, in light of COVID-19.


There are three locations in Texas, one of which is right here in the heart of Austin on Lamar Boulevard. With up to 90% off brands you’d know– from Old Navy to Jimmy Choo– you can expect some good finds for low prices at a Texas staple. When you’re done, head over to Kirby Lane for some queso or check out the historic Broken Spoke.


Headquartered in Tuscon, this family-owned resale shop has become a favorite among the Austin community, especially the college students who attend the nearby University of Texas at Austin. Located right off the Drag (i.e. Guadalupe Street), Buffalo Exchange (or just “Buffalo”) is known for its unique vintage pieces and kitschy finds.


The Greater Austin Area has three locations: Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown. The Habitat for Humanity Restores are stores owned and operated by the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity, and they sell home improvement items, like furniture and building materials, to the public at a low cost. If you want to redecorate, this would be the place to shop on a budget! Similarly, you can donate your gently-worn furniture to the nonprofit for their projects or to resell in a restore.


This well-known resale chain may not give off the unique-Austin vibe that some of these others might, but its great prices and top-notch brands are worth noting. There are two in the area: one in Cedar Park, the other in Round Rock. The target user of these finds are teens and young adults, so if you’re looking for a new wardrobe for school, college, a new job, a new fitness routine, or anything else at that pivotal point in your life, this would be a great place to start!


The oxymoron of a shop name tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this place. This Austin original takes old, “vintage” furniture and flip into a more modern, “fresh” design. It’s not exactly “thrifting,” but like thrifting, you are sure to find something unique and one-of-a-kind that tells a story. You can find them right off of Lake Creek Parkway and FM 620 in northwest Austin!


Get just “west of weird” in the charming town of Dripping Springs, about thirty miles outside of Austin. Located in the Historic Mercer Street Shopping District of Dripping Springs is this high-end consignment shop with secondhand fashion that’s yours for the taking! While you’re there, check out the coffee shops, unique restaurants, boutiques, and other shops, like the next one on the list:


Also located in the Mercer Street District is The Rural Home, a Dripping Springs original antique shop and boutique. If you’re looking to get good deals on antiques and vintage home decor and furniture, stop in to peruse the shop. If you’re looking for something just as unique, but newer, you can also find modern vintage-style home decor and gifts. This is one place that can accommodate any price range!


This is a funky, hole-in-the-wall thrift shop in downtown Round Rock, just north of Austin. It’s a one-room spot, so the selection is a bit smaller; however, the finds themselves are eclectic and different. The owner enjoys a reputation among customers as having a killer eye for style, so try it out the next time you’re looking for a new outfit!

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