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6 Dollar Store Home Decor Hacks (That Don't Look Cheap)

by Pure RealtyJuly 29, 2020

One of the most fun parts of buying a house is getting to decorate it. Unfortunately, that can sometimes get a bit pricey. To balance out budget and style, we found six home decor options that can be done with supplies from the dollar store.

Use Jute to Make Stylish Placemats

For this project, you just need a spool of jute (the thickness is up to you) and a hot glue gun.

Simply start winding the jute into a spiral, gluing as you go. Make sure to press firmly on the spiral as you go to make sure it lays flat once it’s dry.

Photo from CraftGawker

Use Dollar Store Frames to Hang Jewelry or Notes

If you’re looking to organize your space, be it your home office or closet, you can use cheap dollar store frames and some wire to create a shabby chic hanging board.

Simply remove the backing from the frame, and staple a thin wire from one side of the frame to the other. By the end, you should have a few rows of taut wire across the middle of the frame.

Another option is to back it entirely with chicken wire or screen wire.

The final product is perfect for earrings or pinning notes.

Photo from PopSugar

Use Compact Mirrors to Create a Modern Mirror

If you have a bunch of compact mirrors lying around or don’t mind getting a few from the store (just keep the makeup part!), you can use them to make an even larger, modern-style mirror. All you need is a base for your mirrors, hot glue, pliers, and of course, the compacts.

Photo from Thistle Wood Farms DIY

Use Thumbtacks to Design Modern Wall and Desk Art

These pieces look like high-end decor, with all the shiny gold, but they are easy and inexpensive to make. All you need is a canvas or cork board and gold thumbtacks! Follow a stencil (if you’d like) or free-hand designs like initials, monograms, states, or this trendy ampersand.

Photo from PopSugar

Use a Towel Bar to Hang Pots and Pans

If your pots and pans are getting cluttered in your cabinet, this DIY decor hack is for you. Find a towel bar at your local dollar store or general store and rather than head to the bathroom, mount it in your kitchen. Then use simple “S”-hooks to hang the pots and pans from.

This is a great idea, not only for decluttering, but also for dressing up your kitchen. It’s a great way to fill a glaring empty space or show off those flashy copper sets!

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Use a Laundry Basket and Burlap to Create a Farmhouse Basket

This is a great, inexpensive alternative to those pricey metal farmhouse baskets. All you need is a plastic laundry basket, some burlap, hot glue, and black chalk paint.

First, paint your basket. You want to do this before adding the burlap so that you don’t accidentally get paint on the fabric. It may take a few coats, so be patient!

Next, lay the burlap along the bottom and cut the edges along the top of the basket so that it wraps over the lip. Lastly, use hot glue to secure the burlap to the rim of the basket.

Now you have a functional decorative item that only cost you a couple bucks and a little time!

Photo from Our Crafty Mom

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