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3 Easy DIY Shelf Ideas

by Pure RealtyJuly 08, 2020

If you want to keep your home organized and stylish, shelving is a must. Sometimes, however, it’s not always the most practical item to set up. IKEA instructions can be confusing and built-ins can be expensive.

We wanted to share a few shelving ideas that are unique, inexpensive, and easy to do yourself!


One easy and affordable way to create a vintage look is to find an old ladder at an antique shop or market. Clean it up, prop it up, and add some wood pieces from the front to back steps to make a larger platform.


What’s great about this idea almost goes without saying: you don’t have to build the shelves themselves! Effortless.


Sticking with the more rustic vibe of old wood is this shelf idea: suspend planks of wood with thick rope from hooks in the wall.

Photo: Burkatron

You don’t have to worry about fitting shelving in between two pieces of wood, screwing pieces together correctly, or hanging a massively heavy full piece. Your toughest challenge may be getting the hooks even in the walls. Pro tip: make sure you nail into the studs of your wall! Use a stud finder to help you locate the perfect place to drill.


We’re not even joking. This shelf is one of the classiest looking shelves out there, and it was literally made with Popsicle sticks. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to do it yourself:

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