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Bringing in Boho: How to Bring in One of 2020's Favorite Styles

by Pure RealtyJune 24, 2020

If you keep up with home decor trends, you’ll see that boho (Bohemian chic, basically) is on top of the world. Not just for home decor, but personal style as well.

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What is it?

If you’re reading this, you probably have some idea of what it is because you want to replicate it, right? But just in case, we’ll sum it up for you. Basically, “boho” is short for “bohemian.” Not as in a person from Bohemia (Czech Republic), but rather the term used to describe the free-spirits of the sixties. People who practiced self-expression and lived a rather counter-culture life. They embodied freedom, creativity, expression, color, and living life with no strings attached.

Photo from Home Sweet

So what’s it look like?

It looks like how that description above would look like: creative, free, colorful, sort of messy, a little careless, free-flowing, unrestricted, a little unusual or interesting, relaxed, cozy, and creative.

And how can you bring it into your home?

There are so many ways to add boho elements into your home. It’s really just about capturing the spirit of that bohemian style. Our top recommendations are:


Intricate patterns, warm textures, and free-spirited design all encapsulate the essence of the boho style. This picture above features a macrame wallhanging as a great example of what we mean when we say “intricate” and “free-spirited.”


A large part of the romanticized bohemian culture is the resistance to the mainstream or the mundane. It’s about being bold and having the audacity to standout. Using bold colors, like this bedding above, adds a voice to your space.

Also notice how the blanket is casually thrown over the basket? That’s the “carelessness” we mentioned earlier! Something like that “should” be messy, but it fits this aesthetic so well.


The boho life (is there such a thing?) is about being who you are, even if it’s not the norm. This tip is probably where all of us will be starkly different.

The thing about boho decor is that it sometimes doesn’t make sense to anyone except to the person who decorated because it’s personal. When you look at these two photos, you should see two different people.

That’s the spirit of this design style.


Sort of in the same vein, you can add unique, out-of-the-box pieces to capture the boho spirit. Part of the bohemian philosophy is to be different and outside the lines a bit. So get creative!

get in touch with nature

There’s nothing as free as nature. There are no social constructs, taboos, laws, or rules for nature, save the rules that they have followed for thousands of years. It’s beautiful, wild, careless, and authentic.

Sound familiar?

Bring nature to you. Surround yourself with that beauty, wildness, carelessness, and authenticity.


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