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Tips for Parents in Real Estate

by Pure RealtyApril 08, 2020

Being a real estate agent is not an easy task.

You work sporadic hours and weekends. Sometimes you do that work at home, at an office, or just wherever your client is.

Without any real routine, you have to find your own ways of creating balance, especially when it comes to taking care of kiddos. If your kids are not in school or are on a break– and therefore home with you– how do you take care of them and get your work done?

We spoke with one of our agents, and she gave us so many great tips about balancing her roles as a parent and an agent.

Here’s her advice:

“Creating time blocks is a huge part. If it’s a meeting day, you may need to get up before they do to get ready and then the morning isn’t so stressful.”

“Use nap time as a quiet time to make calls. My kids are little so I can’t necessarily completely isolate or close the door to all sound, but even if it’s 20 mins while they do an activity on the other side of the room, it’s important to make use of the time you have.”

“Having a great partner that takes over for a bit when they get home is a huge help too. My husband gets the kids out of the house for about an hour when he gets home so I can utilize that time for evening calls or finishing my to do list.”

“Dedicating time to be present with the kids seems to help too. If the kids know they will get your undivided attention a couple times a day, they don’t feel so deprived during the times you can’t give it to them.”

“Give kids some credit – they are smarter than we realize sometimes. Explain what you are doing and why you need them to be quiet or pick another space to play. Talk to them about work so they feel involved and important.”

“Using social media schedulers or delayed emails so that you can type/create stuff at odd times that you have available, but the message/post reaches the client at an optimal time.”

“Give yourself some grace. It’s important to be professional but the world doesn’t end if there is a sound in the background once in a while. Clients can sometimes be more understanding of our children than we are.”

–Berlyn Gauthier, REALTOR®

We wanted to say thanks to our agents for all they do! These lovely people are parents, sons and daughters, spouses, friends, and independent business owners. Amazing!


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