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Home Decor Trends for 2020: What's Old is New

by Pure RealtyApril 03, 2020

We might not be saying “Happy New Year” anymore, but it’s not too late to upgrade your home to 2020. If you’re scrolling through Pinterest, looking for a project or some inspiration for your home, look no further than this list of the top design trends of the year.

The biggest trend of all is simply, “What is old is new again.”

Not in the sense that something is making a comeback, but more in terms of nostalgia. People are looking toward the past for inspiration: vintage pieces, old (or old-looking) decor and furniture, antiques, etc.

Here’s how you can bring back the past:

“Grandmillennial” Style

It’s exactly what it sounds like: your grandparents’ style with a modern twist. Think grandma’s couch in the same room as a fiddle leaf plant and a Freda Kahlo painting.

To get a Grandmillennial style going in your home, select furniture, bedding, curtains, and china that feature classic patterns: brocade, chinoiserie,  Jacquard, herringbone, toile.  Let’s also not forget floral wallpaper, wicker furniture, and needlepoint pillows.

Throw in pops of soft colors like blues, purples, greens and pinks to liven things up a bit. Brass hardware is also a grandmillennial staple.

To get the “millennial” aspect, think minimalism. Clean lines, only essential pieces like lamps, house plants, popular artwork… just a little touch of today.

From Apartment Therapy
Vintage Accents

Vintage accents are reliable– it’s why antique stores and flea markets are so successful! Antique lamps or other interesting pieces make for great additions to a mantle, shelf, or coffee table. When you can, try a local antique store or flea market. Better yet, check your grandma’s attic and search for a family heirloom the next time you can swing by.

You could also adorn the walls with antique paintings or even tapestries, if you have the room. They’re a great way to fill space and add warmth a room.

If you’re looking to go bigger, look for some antique furniture or make something of your own. Scour markets, shops, or even Facebook Market Place for those sturdy, heavily-stained pieces. You can also keep an eye out for more modern pieces, but with some vintage touches. Think dining room chairs with spooled legs.

From My Home Decor Guide
Going Natural

Fake plants, white kitchens, and synthetics are out. Anything artificial or giving the appearance of feeling artificial (like a stark white room) is discouraged going into 2020.

Meanwhile, the whole concept of “going natural” is encouraged for many reasons.

So for example, if you’ve never really been a plant person, become one.

Having a plant or two has been shown to boost mood and creativity, clean the indoor air, and reduce stress. So add a little plant to your table. Better yet, go all-out with a plant wall or an entire room.

From My Unfinished Home

When it comes to cabinets, counter tops, tables, or even bed frames, go natural. The natural wood keeps the room feeling open and airy while not blinding you with all the whiteness. Here are some great kitchens we found on Pinterest:

Pops of Color

Gone are the days of all-white or monochromatic. The Twenties are coming in boldly, with stark contrasts and statement colors, like navy. Paint a room entirely one color. Earth tones are great here. Shoot for dark greens, reds, dark muted oranges, blues, aubergine…

From Magnificent Magazine

If that’s too much, paint the doors in dark, bold colors and compliment them with other, smaller bold accents like pillows or curtains to bring it all together.

From Dream Green DIY
Age: Patina, Distressed Wood

Like we mentioned before” if there’s one  thing that ties all of these trends together, it’s age.

Grandma’s couch, wicker, antiques, tapestries, natural wood, and so forth. Another way to bring a vintage feel is by adding textures that show age.

Two great options are patina and distressed wood.

Patina is a green-blue film that forms over brass and copper after so much exposure. It’s why the Statue of Liberty looks green.

You could easily find hardware and other pieces online, or do it yourself!

From Etsy

Distressed wood is another way to show age, and has seen a surge in use, thanks to the love of Farmhouse design. Like Patina, you could easily find pieces online or in stores, but it can make for a great project as well! Here’s how Shades of Blue Interiors makes it work:


As we wrap up this look at 2020 trends, we feel like emphasizing one important thing: style is subjective, and you should decorate your house the way you want to! It’s your home, so make it yours. 


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