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Three Rooms You Need in Your Home Right Now

by Pure RealtyMarch 27, 2020

Last week, we thought of a few different ways you could work on your house while staying at home during this coronavirus pandemic. One of our tips was to rearrange or reinvent a room. We recently took a look at Pinterest Trends to see what people were talking about in the home decor category, and we found three rooms that are at the top of everyone’s minds.

Work-From-Home Office + Closet

Right now, many people are working from home. Even before the current situation, working from home was growing in popularity. Therefore, home offices are more and more common in floor plans.

These offices, however, are taking it beyond a desk and chair.

Introducing: the cloffice. It is perhaps the most interesting thing we’ve seen in the world of home trends.

It’s essentially a closet or designated space that is only for work clothes and accessories, and it’s usually in the home office. Here are few examples we’ve seen:

Stay-at-home orders or not, these are some great ways to upgrade your home office!

Garden Room

Another trending space is a Garden Room. It’s a garden, just completely indoors and accompanied by furniture, so you can sit and enjoy the potted nature.

Here are some examples we loved:

Imagine how calming and grounding a space like this must be. ..

Audio Room

One of 2020’s biggest trends in general is “what is old is new again.” What’s more old-fashioned than a record? Nostalgia for the past and hipster culture have caused a spike in vinyl record sales.

Of course, vinyl records need turntables and storage space. In addition to listening to records, people are just listening to more material in general. Think podcasts and audio books.

This trend has led to the need for a space just for listening:

The Audio Room.

In a sense, it’s like an entertainment room, except instead of a flat screen television or a projector, it has turntables, speakers, vinyl records on the walls and on the shelves, and a cozy place to sit and relax. These are some audio rooms that we loved:


If you have any ideas for these rooms or have something similar going on yourself, we’d love to see it! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram:

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