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Improve Your Home While You're Home

by Pure RealtyMarch 20, 2020

There’s no question that we are in unprecedented times. This COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in so many ways. The effect felt by most of us that of social distancing and just staying home. Offices are having employees work from home. Many businesses, like restaurants, are just outright closed. Schools are closed, and events of all kinds– from major festivals to private weddings– are cancelled. You can, however, still improve your home.

We are in our own homes much more often than before, so we have to fill the time somehow. One way to do so would be to work on fixing up the house, especially if you’ve been considering selling. It’s never a bad time to add value!

We’ve put together some tips on what you can do to improve your home, while you’re home.

Improve Your Home On The Inside

Reinvent a room

Most people have that one room that is the catch-all: the attic, foyer, mud room, utility room, or just a spare room. While you’re home, give it a new purpose. Turn the attic into a craft room. Transform the utility room into an entertainment room or den separate from the living room. Flip the spare bedroom into an office or a game room.

A great home improvement option– both in this current climate and in the future–is to turn your space into an at-home gym. Most, if not all, gyms are closed right now, so create a space for you to continue your fitness routine. If you can’t immediately get equipment in there, utilize some things around the house, like gallons of water in place of dumbbells.

Many of these tasks can likely be done by using the furniture and stored items already in your home– just get creative with a new layout! The brainstorming alone could keep you busy.

Do basic, low-maintenance repairs

There are so many little things that could be done around the house. Caulk the seams of the shower, tighten the hardware on the doors and cabinets of the house, clean the gutter, touch up the trim, spray WD-40 on creaky hinges, or glue the chair leg back together. Whatever it may be, now is the time to fix it!

If you don’t necessarily have all of the tools and materials you need, check out the opening hours of your nearby hardware store, and go first thing in the morning, before others show up. Take precautions to keep yourself and others healthy!

That is, of course, if it is safe to leave home at all. Please be considerate of local regulations and situations.

Deep clean

Spring cleaning has never been more doable. You have almost nowhere to go, so you might as well roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Shampoo the carpets, clean the baseboards and molding, clean the ceiling fans,  clean out and wipe down your refrigerator, clean out the bottom of your oven, wipe down the walls, or wash the windows.

Purge your belongings and revamp your storage

Take the time to go through all of your belongings and get rid of what you don’t use or wear anymore. Go through your closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, attic or hall closet storage, and the kids’ toy box. Donate everything to a local Helping Hands or Goodwill, if they are accepting donations, and if not, find a drop box.

Put on a fresh coat of paint

Once again, this may require that you go to the store. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable or if it’s not allowed in your area, don’t go, but if you can, get some paint (safely!)

If you had painted your home before, check your storage to see if you still have the paint and do some touch-ups. If the paint is still good on those walls, add the color to another room or paint your front door!

New light fixture

There are many ways you can redo a light fixture with the things you have around the house. Check out our ideas from last week!

Season all your cast iron

This isn’t a major project, but think about it: it takes a while to properly clean and season your cast iron skillets and pots. Because of that, it sometimes just doesn’t get done.

One of our agents has a great method for seasoning her cast iron. She says to coat the skillet in oil and put it in a 450°F oven for an hour, then let it cool inside the oven. Repeat two to three more times. After that, nothing should stick to it!

Once it’s cleaned up and seasoned, display it in your kitchen for a functional but beautiful design element. Good design is always a great way to improve your home, even if it’s just for your eyes!

Improve Your Home On The Outside

Pressure wash the outside of your home

Home improvement isn’t always just for the interior. Assuming you have a pressure washer and can go outside, use this time at home to take care of the outside. Pressure wash the exterior of your home; blast away all the dirt and wear, so that the walls are nice and clean for spring!

Fix up the outside

Once again, if it is safe and possible for you to be out in your yard, there are several things you could be doing out there: trim the tree limbs, pull the weeds, mow the yard, bust out the leaf blower, pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk, and sweep the porch.


We hope you can find peace in this uncertain time. Most importantly, we hope that you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

To stay up to date on the latest information, visit the CDC’s website.


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