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5 DIY Light Fixtures: Eye-Catching Ways to Light Up Your Home

by Pure RealtyMarch 13, 2020

DIY light fixtures– or DIY anything, really– are sometimes the way to go for a few reasons. DIY is usually cheaper and more environmentally friendly. After all, you’re likely going to be repurposing something that otherwise may end up in a landfill. Doing something yourself also gives you the chance to own something that is unique, one-of-a-kind, and 100% YOU.  We would also argue that it’s just fun.

When it comes to your home, there are many things you can’t do yourself, but there are just as many things you can do. One of those is light fixtures. To give you some ideas, we compiled this list of our five favorite DIY light fixtures, but the possibilities are truly endless!

Basket Pendant Light

Great example of a basket pendant light
This light fixture is listed by The Lighting Collective. It’s a great example of how a basket could look as a pendant light. See the full listing here:

This one idea is just the beginning of a slew of other ideas. Wire baskets, woven baskets, big ones, little ones, old ones, new ones, beehive-looking ones… the list goes on.

To make it, simply get a DIY light fixture kit and a basket of your choice. Other necessary tools may include scissors or wire cutters (for the basket) and a drill (for the basket and the fixture attachment). Depending on what you use and the light kit manufacturer’s instructions, you may need a couple others, but this should get you started! Here are some other examples we loved:

Wire Basket DIY
Rustic Wire Basket by Small Town Home & Decor:
Woven Basket DIY Light
Woven Basket Light Example by Antique Farmhouse:
Cute Wire Basket Light
Another Wire Basket Light by Christmas Central:

Bed Spring Overhead Light

Another, more out-of-the-box idea is to use old bed springs.

bed spring light fixture
An impressive bed spring light fixture from Wildflowers & Charolais:

You can use the entire box spring or just individual springs, which means this idea is great for any sized space. To make this, you’ll need the light kit, a bed spring (you can find these at markets and antique shops all over the place), and tools necessary for assembly and hanging.

“Tools necessary for hanging” is a very broad description, but there’s a reason for that. Hanging one spring with a bulb inside of it is completely different than hoisting an entire box spring from the ceiling. It’s important to do your research when hanging something heavy from the wall or ceiling.

Here’s a couple projects that we love:

bed spring light
This is a great use of a single spring from What To Do With Old:
bed spring light
Here’s another way the full spring light fixture could look hanging from the ceiling, by Organized Mom:
bed spring room divider example
This room divider from Quirky Ramblings is also a great use of a spring as a light fixture:


Mason Jar Lanterns

Like the other DIY light fixtures on this list, this one idea can go in a few different directions.

One thing we love about this is that you can do a few different types of lights. For one, you don’t need to buy a light kit, if you don’t want to! Battery- or remote-operated fairy lights are the perfect way to light up a mason jar.

fairy light mason jar light fixture
These mason jar lanterns are a perfect example of how the fairy lights can make light fixture magic. This is a project from Pepper Hive:

There are also plenty of cute and crafty ways to utilize the DIY light kit. Instead of lighting up the jars with fairy lights, use a bulb and construct a hanging fixture! Here are some great handmade examples we found from various artisans on Etsy:

Tree Branch Chandelier (yep)

Call us crazy, but tree branches and fairy lights make the cutest, easiest light fixture ever. If you’re into whimsy, give this a go:

A great example from Terrain:
Another, even bigger example from


Cheese Grater Bathroom Light Fixture (absolutely)

The name of it doesn’t sound as trendy as “mason jar” but the idea is just as creative. Using old graters along a board can create a rustic or industrial farmhouse look in any space– the bathroom would wear the look very well!

This light from Mercari is perfect:



These are just five of the many ways you can create a one-of-a-kind, stylish light fixture for your own space. If you do any of these, or have something of your own, show us! Email [email protected] or leave it in the comments!


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