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5 Closet Organization Hacks to Reduce Clutter

by Pure RealtySeptember 25, 2018

With the weather finally starting to cool down, it’s almost time to break out your Fall wardrobe! Before you do, try out some of these simple closet storage hacks. While you’re digging out your sweaters and boots from the back of your closet and getting ready to buy some new fall clothing, it’s the perfect time to reassess what’s in your closet and get organized! 

1. Get rid of unused clothing

It can be hard to part ways with clothing that you haven’t worn in awhile, but this simple trick will help make the cleaning out process so much easier! To start, hang all of your clothes on hangers facing the same direction. As you wear and wash your clothes, hang them back up, but face the hanger in the opposite direction. After a month or two look through your closet and see which items are still facing the same way they were when you started the process. These are the items it may be time to get rid of or put into storage if they’re just out of season. Once you’ve cleaned out the old you can treat yourself to a little shopping spree to fill up that newly unused  closet space!

2. Pegboard accessory storage

Hang a pegboard on an empty wall or on the back of your closet door. This is perfect for hanging jewelry, scarves, hats, headbands, belts, and other accessories. You can have a piece of pegboard cut to your required dimensions at your local hardware store and you can find an assortment of different kinds of hooks for hanging items at a hardware store or on Amazon! If you want to add an extra special touch you can paint the pegboard to match your other closet or bedroom decor.

3. Shoe storage hacks

Shoes can be one of the hardest things to find space for in your closet, but there are a few things you can do to make your closet space more functional for shoe storage. For high heels, find some empty wall space anywhere in your closet and mount crown molding to hang heels from. (Here is a great tutorial from a Home Depot Discussion Board!) This could even look nice on display in your bedroom or entryway. For flats and shoes without a heel, tension rods work great for corners and in small closets. Simply install two tension rods a few inches apart and place shoes on top. And of course we can’t forget about those fall boots! Pants hangers make for great boot storage. If you are low on hanger space, install a lower level closet rod in your closet for shoes!

4. Hang Sweaters (Without Ruining Them!)

If you don’t have the shelf or dresser space to store your Fall and Winter sweaters, there is a way to hang them without the dreaded shoulder bumps and stretching. Using a regular old hanger, fold your sweater in half vertically, line up the sleeves, and lay the sweater flat with the hanger placed on top so that the hook lays between the arms and body. Wrap both the arms and body of the sweater over the top of the hanger and then through the center and underneath the bottom bar (Tutorial with pictures here!) This simple trick can help free up a ton of space in your closet!

5. Store items in labeled baskets and boxes to clear up clutter.

Rather than just folding those remaining items that couldn’t be hung up and storing them carelessly in your dresser or closet, take it one step further and invest in some cute storage bins or baskets to store items on shelves or to keep dresser drawers organized! This little step will make your closet feel way less cluttered and adds a super cute and professional touch!

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