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5 Ways to Paint Your Walls

by Pure RealtyMarch 15, 2021

If you’re looking to change up those same four walls, look no further than these 5 painting techniques and ideas!

#1) Concrete

No, not actual concrete, but you can make people think it’s real! By using various gray paints and techniques outlined in this video, you can create that modern look yourself.

#2) Marble

If you want to create a high-class, clean, and modern look in your space, this faux marbled painting technique can really do the trick!

#3) Paint the Ceiling Instead

This trick takes the pressure of the walls and instead uses the oft-forgotten ceiling to create the fresh look you’re looking for. Go with a high contrast color or something bold to really tie to the look together.

#4) Ombré

The idea of painting a stead fade from dark to light sounds a bit challenging, but the end result is definitely worth it! This tutorial will show you how to create this gorgeous look in your space.

#5) Stencil Roller

This one might be the easiest trick in the book. Go to any home improvement store, and you can find various stencil rollers. Rather than paint on solid line, you will only get paint on the lifted design on the roller’s surface, so you can roll on your design directly onto the wall.

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