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Moving to "Silicon Hills?" Here's a Look at Austin's Top Industries

by Pure RealtyMarch 09, 2021

There’s no question that Austin is the place to be. From the beautiful wildlife to the innovative food scene to the live music, Austin is a hub of culture and opportunity.

With so many people moving to the area for the low cost of living, breathtaking views, and plethora of fun activities, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: a job!

So, where does a new Austinite find work? There’s plenty of opportunity all over the place, but to help you out, we’ve made a short list of Austin’s top industries and a few employers within that industry.

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Creative & Digital Media

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, our metro is a leader in all things “game, software, and mobile application development to music and film technology, education technology, advertising, social media, and digital content.” From boutique ad agencies on Seventh Street to massive campuses, Austin has it all! Employers in this field include Amazon, Apple, Canva, Facebook, Google, Roku, and Zynga.

Clean Technology

Considering Austin has a park on almost every corner, it’s no surprise that the city is a leader in environmentally conscious energy. According to the Chamber, “Austin Energy is consistently ranked by NREL as one of the top green public power utilities in the nation.”

That’s huge! If such a mission is something you’d like to be a part of, you can turn towards companies like Allure Energy, Cielo Wind Power, CivicSolar, Green Revolution Cooling, and ORION Water Solutions.

Data Management

As if names like Apple and Facebook didn’t earn the nickname “Silicon Hills” well enough, the data management industry is here to make sure Austin remains a leader in the world of tech. Austin provides an ideal location for these high-profile companies because of its loaded talent pool, low risk of natural disasters that could damage the technology, and of course, affordable real estate (well, in comparison to California that is!)

Companies like Dell, AMD, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and Tableau all have a home in Austin, so if you’re seeking opportunities in this industry, that would be a place to start!

Corporate Headquarters

You can’t get more movie-like than this. As the Chamber puts it: the ‘”creative class” culture is fed by our diversity, quality of life, focus on education and our low costs of living and doing business.’ This, it says, in addition to great business conditions leads to the ultimate formula for success. Mix in a “young, highly educated [and] passionate” workforce, preferred taxes and incentives, and the gorgeous Hill Country, what more could you ask for?

The list of household names that call Austin home is quite extensive, including: Apple, Charles Schwab, eBay, Facebook, Home Depot, IBM, Indeed, Kendra Scott, LegalZoom, Silicon Laboratories, VISA, Vrbo, Whole Foods, and Yeti.

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